Ed Angara's Upward Blitz

Philippine Senator Ed Angara
Philippine Senator Ed Angara could go all the way to the top with your support.

"Edgardo Angara posted the biggest gain, entering the Magic 12 of winning senatorial candidates," reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer in its account of the latest nationwide survey of the senate race conducted in March by the Social Weather Stations.

The gentleman from Aurora jumped to eighth place with 32% entering the Magic 12 from his previous 13th-14th places in the Feb. 22-27 Social Weather Stations Survey.

Ed Angara has been going up in the Pulse Asia surveys, too. In its nationwide survey conducted April 3 to 7, Ed Angara placed seventh with 35.5%. This is an improvement from Pulse Asia's March 2007 Ulat ng Bayan survey of senatorial preferences where he placed ninth 32.1 %.

This was quite a jump from the 24% he got from Pulse Asia's January 2007 preelection survey where he placed 11th.

A report by the Inquirer that Brother Mike Velarde of the charismatic group El Shaddai has endorsed Ed Angara among the first nine of his 18-person shortlist for senator will be a big help for his surging candidacy.

Ed Angara, a three-term senator, said he is not surprised about his continuing rise as the senate race proceeds : it is a pattern similar to his previous senate runs.

The rise is even better this time around and the trend is upwards to voting day, May 14. "He can go all the way to the top," bullish Ed Angara supporters assert.

As the senate election air settles down after its initial confusions, voters are getting to know more about whom they want to represent them in the Senate.

Ed Angara is the longest serving senator in the post-EDSA 1987 Senate and it is easy to know the reason why: Filipino voters simply appreciate his work as a lawmaker.

Driven by a grand vision, Ed Angara is the lawmaker that has helped change in a major way Filipinos look at laws on senior citizen rights, free high school education, universal health care and insurance, agriculture modernization for small farmers, jobs, local autonomy, good governance, and culture and the arts.

"My work is designed to give every Filipino a fighting chance," he says.

Indeed, the laws he has championed has benefited the daily lives of millions of poor and underprivileged Filipinos and their families.